Awakened Reiki Level 3 – Reiki Eyes

Reiki with no dogma, no shoulds, no limits, just possibilities

Note Reiki Level 3 Course is now available online for $120. Yes you get both levels at the same time, and the Master Key symbol with an Awakened Master lineage. Tap picture to see short video

AwakenedEssence Reiki takes it back thousands of years before the newer and more commonly taught Usui (traditional) linage.

The key feature is the use of “Reiki eyes”. You will be taught how to activate and use your eyes for inner vision and healing with laser point accuracy!

This takes your ability to heal to a stronger and more intuitive level. This has the effect of activating your whole body and senses in the healing process, not just the use of the traditional Reiki hands.

Reiki Level 3 is where the magic starts to happen on a regular basis as you are attuned to use the Master Symbols. Your Ki levels will be higher once you are Reiki 3.

Reiki 3 can be done immediately once you have level 2 (read the Grace and Why Limit pages if you doubt this).

It just comes down to when you want it and you actually practicing this healing art to see your development unfold.

What you’ll learn from my Reiki 3 course

  1. Be attuned and learn how to use the master symbols.
  2. Be attuned to both the ancient circular and Usui traditional master symbols.
  3. Timeline Harth process.
  4. Learn how to use Reiki eyes.
  5. Learn how to expand your Reiki hands.
  6. Learn how to empower and cleanse objects so they become self-clearing.
  7. Learn how to use Reiki to help manifest what you want.
  8. Learn the most powerful self-help/issue-dissolving process there is: Inquiry.

Next courses:

?? 2017 Reiki 1&2 (hit link to see all info and relevant video)
?? 2017 Reiki 3

Reiki Level 1 & 2: Upfront deposit for the attunement and manual $100 only. Or if online learning $100 only.

Reiki Level 3 (The Master Symbols): Upfront deposit for the attunement and manual $120 only. Online learning with vidoes $120 only.

If I am running a physical course you can do all 3 levels over the weekend or online at your own pace. If you have been told limiting ideas about this please watch this video – Why limit Reiki. Your Heart will guide you to the answer if this is for you or not. If in doubt watch the video or read Gifts of Grace.
Even better pick up the phone and call 0435522535 to ask me any questions you have regards to this.
Attending students will get access to the videos in the premium online course (when it is done).

Once the $120 payment is made for the online video course / Phoenix Healing attunement you will be sent a copy of the manual to start the process of learning. I will attune you in the same way I do Phoenix Healing. I will discuss this with you first so you can test the difference it makes. This will open and activate your healing channels to Level 3 Reiki. You will then be Level 3 Reiki if you practice the skills, in healing or meditation. The online course that will go live after June will have videos and guidance on what to do to master Reiki and become a competent practitioner.

As with any e-learning system payment is final, no refund is given once the manual is sent (and attunement will be given). Thus if you come to the day workshop you will be ready for quality learning. This attunement in itself is a huge boost of Grace and will assist you in your path home.

Reiki Master Teacher ?

Reiki Teacher is where you are taught to attune others into the Reiki system. It is one step further than Reiki 3, but it is a big step.

Learning to be a Reiki Teacher is an individual process. If you are interested in teaching Reiki please make contact.

We will need to discuss what you want and actually see where you are at, as running a class does mean you have a level of mastery over subject matter and dealing with people and their issues.

As with all pricing on this website, the cost is well below market average, but the quality of training is first class and profoundly powerful. As I teach the no dogma version of Reiki when you become a Reiki Teacher that means you can initiate other Reiki Master Teachers (some split this to make more money as they define a difference between Reiki Teacher and Reiki Master Teacher).

Ever experienced the “Gift of Grace“? It is possible, and it may happen in the courses!
But someone told me there needs to be a time break between learning Level 2 and 3?
At the core of Reiki there is a Presence and Stillness; and it is the Real You, learn what you truly are!
Interested in Personal Healing Sessions – be ready for something special!

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