Laws of Grace

= Laws of Success

This video is truly magical, pure Grace! Watch how nature confirms what is said. Fish jump, terns dive, swans flap and Sea Eagle soars all at perfect times to things just said, and at the end the lake is perfectly still. Practice at the prompts and learn this habit so you to live in Joy and synchronicity as this video demonstrates. Tap picture to watch

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To properly Awaken is simple. It’s practical and easily measurable. Few teachers say that, but why?
It doesn’t have to be difficult – it can be easy when you learn the Laws of Grace. Everything in life operates by these same laws!! And when you be honest with yourself and observe what you are doing with your attention you will see to perfection that these laws make reality happen.

The Laws of Grace are all about Awakening, and creating stability for that experience of peace and Presence in your life. So when crap happens so you remain resourceful, still and peaceful. When you’ve really got this practice anchored in your life, truckloads of peace and even bliss may be experienced while absolute hell is happening in your life. I’m talking from experience so I know this is true.

The Laws are simple principles and simple actions that make a mathematical formula [to be put in soon, once backlog of videos are in the website]. Simple actions create habits, undo limitations and build a simple base of Presence and resourcefulness. As practice forms deeper and deeper habits and you just begin to operate naturally this way. Its just the same as driving a car – initially it was difficult, then easy then later you can chat to passengers and avoid any traffic issues and parallel park easily as it deeply unconscious at the habitual level.

Simple factors and actions you can examine and master. Each ‘law’ or factor in the Laws of Grace is can be examined, applied, and used. They are simple and its is a conscious choice to do it or not. As you choose these things over and over they become normal. Some factors are internal, how you apply your attention for example. Some are external for example; what company do you keep, good company or bad and negative company.

With the Laws of Grace you’ll get an idea of how many months and years it could take you to be fully Abiding in Awakened Consciousness, as defined in the Awaken page, if you do as you say you will. A planetary first for someone to give a number, but the number is a guide only. I don’t know another teacher who has the guts or clarity to put that out there. But the maths don’t lie from what I’ve observed in myself and others. As I say in the video, I would love to hear where these laws fail if you deem they are wrong in your own research and application. Ideas, beliefs and other people’s teachings don’t count as fact in your life and that is what I want to hear about.

To quote the famous Morpheus out of the Matrix movie:

“You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.”

Laws of Grace is the red pill. But the bonus is you can re-choose the blue pill and go back to unconscious pain and suffering of the rat race. Your mind can let you forget if you don’t like the reality of having Unity, Peace and Joy in your life. Free will always applies.
Thus do you want to say goodbye to pain and emotional suffering of normal humanity? Stuff will still be as it is, crappy on a crappy day, but you will have the freedom to choose peace as it moves through you. This Presence allows it to move the fastest possible.
When you stabilise you don’t mind crappy days, as you are in this moment and in Unity, as you know you can’t fight What Is. This isn’t just an idea that mindful thinkers banter, it becomes your experience.
I can tell you from experience it’s pretty fricking cool!

My stillness is so stable now I can say 100% after 10 months of evidence that Transpersonal Unity consciousness (in Phase 6 non-Abiding Transpersonal Awareness) never leaves me while working full time in a “corporate finance department environment” and all that entailed in 2016. This 10 months included being a temporary employee with an on ongoing renewal of contract (thus no job security) and the bonus of department wide bullying as a test. For two months of that I also had acute back pain from a cycling accident, I’m sure my Stillness and determination to ‘be with what is’ allowed the paid to resolve so fast. This Stillness is truly and deeply unshakable. It is usually experienced as intense Joy with lots of giggles, even after unpleasant things have occurred.  That is walking the talk! You to can have this, and here is the manual, the Laws of Grace!

Some of the variables in the Laws of Grace cant be fully determined (as its God’ choice, which is Grace) but overall its the clearest maths on awakening on this planet right now. The how to manual of being Awake. Being Awake in a stable way so you don’t lose this Enlightenment experience or lose your sanity in the process. There is personal support is here if you want it.
This is the treasure map. The treasure is the Light of your soul blazing while you are at work, in the shower, on the loo, while arguing or sitting on a tram. You will learn these skills to be in the Awakened Sate all the time.

Simple Laws with simple practices. It’s so bloody simple. Is it easy? Yes n no. But it is a choice. It becomes your refuge, even your ego learns to love it. That is the funniest thing and its very quirky, your ego loves Awakening. It will still want to be separate but it also wants the yumminess n peace (this dynamic is explained in the Ego’s Survival instinct page) and more content will be added to explain this later.

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You’ll be immersed in, and be consciously taught to be in the Awakened State/Presence… You’ll be given the tools to rate your own main contributing sub-laws (the maths) that will tell you approx how long it will take for you to Awaken to the non Abiding and Abiding phases.

Thus if interested make a decision on what is truly important and act on that with your actions (Yes, that is a Law of Grace). If you are interested please call Jason 0435522535 to discuss.

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Seriously, people walk into my home n have awakenings. Why?
Because the Stillness in my home is so obvious you can fall into it n feel “its me, I Am that yummy Stillness“. To keep that for more than a day after you need to be conscious and know how to hold the Space. That Space being your Presence and Awakened State. It is just a habit. It’s too simple yet so few bother and that is why people never awaken. But after this day you will have a choice, choose to Awaken or Choose to keep life as it is. Laws of Grace make this 100% predictable.

We will cover all this: How, when, what, how to activate it, how to remember to ‘practice’. How to tune your motivation when ‘life gets in the way’.

You can Awaken* in 6 months to 4 years

Enlightenment Phoenix Awakened essence Awaken Fast coaching Laws GraceOr less… depending on the frequency of effort you put in – via Mentoring and application of the skill-set I will teach you in the Laws of Grace workshop.

If you can’t make it to the live event, recorded materials will become available on this site soon. Personal 1-on-1 mentoring is also available per the buttons below. In most videos I talk directly or indirectly about these laws as I talk and call you to practice Presence. If you follow the prompts and go through the learning by applying then these Laws will embed as a habit.

Of course you can fully awaken* with this knowledge on your own, it will just take longer, but 100% guaranteed if you apply the skill set and laws of Awakening we will share in the workshop or online course.

It took me 3 1/2 years to hit this same place of mid non-Abiding Enlightenment, and 5 years in total to enter Abiding Awakening (end of 2007). The clarity and clear direction given in this website was not available to me. So study this web site, apply and do it faster! (and be sure to tell me!!)

2017 is the year to Awaken! It’s literally the Year of the Phoenix (fire rooster) and it’s here to help. The website will transform and grow with videos.

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It’s time to rise from the ashes of unconscious slavery of the thinking and emotional ego, and fly as the being of Peace, Joy and Stillness that you truly are.

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