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Attunement & initiations

An attunement is the traditional way of passing ‘the rite of passage’ in many systems, clubs, societies. It is a deeply meaningful process. At the spiritual level is signifies and often triggers a shift in vibrational energy. It gives you permission through a lineage to use that energy.

Attunements here at AwakenedEssence have evolved with my deepening awaking and ‘training’ by the Golden One’s to something much more potent.

The attunements or initiations are a system activation via Grace, as I described in the video. Since that video was made I have had further initiations myself. What I am being told to do now in May 2017, and hence the June 2017 courses, is birth a system of Spiritual Protection and Spiritual Hygiene so people on the spiritual path can navigate safely of this tricky path.
The Phoenix Healing attunement which is done at the Transpersonal Level gives me insight into which one of the Golden One’s I personally know want to work with you. This means we can know for sure that you have a very clear and Divine being who operates ‘cleanly’ and can be a gatekeeper or guardian. As a human its no good for us if we have toxic friends is it ? The same applies to the unseen spiritual company. However with spirit is is very challenging for us as humans to discern who is good or not. I have learned through to much personal experience and when working with others how much trouble this can cause in one’s life.

Much more will be put here shortly….. All this will be covered and developed in the upcoming Golden Ray and Reiki courses, so if yopu are near Melbourne here is your opportunity as these courses are being run cheap, prices go up after this, and you get this “guardian training” for free. The Guardian training will be a stand alone course once it is recorded on video.

Call Jason +61435522535 to have any questions answered. You can be tutored through this online or as homework as part of my Mentoring service.

The Upgraded Attunement process

The traditional attunement system in Reiki is now moot (redundant) with Phoenix healing. Boot Camp Spiritual Fitness Ark Covenant Awaken Fast Awakened Essence Laws Grace While I will still give physical attunements as part of a course it is no longer required. The role of a physical attunement now is merely ritual and the chance for more Grace to be given, as is dictated by the Laws of Grace in terms of shaktipat and “good company”. In April 2017 I received the 11th Golden Ray initiation while sitting in front of Amma ‘the hugging Saint’ (Sri Mata Amritanandamayi). It was the perfect balance finishing of the geometry of Transpersonal twin flame initiations with her and Sri Sakthi Amma Narayani. It completed the full twin flame initiations by both beings – one who represents the masculine and the other who represents the feminine. Some of these stories are in the advanced awakening page.

Guardians & Gatekeepers

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    Be assigned an inner Golden Ray / Reiki Teacher, Gatekeeper & Guardian

    If you enrol in the June Golden Ray or Reiki courses you will be assigned at least one Guardian. The Guardian for the Golden Ray may be different to the Reiki guardian if you do both courses as one may be a teacher of be there to hold certain frequencies for you. You may be offered more than one guardian in an attunement, they tell me – I just pass the message to you who is keen to help you out! But for the purposes of this process you will be asked to choose one and stick to the protocol. In another video I discuss how Goddess Narayani was put on probation in early 2014 for 3 months (link will be here when this is up). Two professional Guru’s and members of a group I attended found it all very funny when I said the Cosmic Mother Goddess Narayani was on probation. I was dead serious. These inner divine beings respect this or they are not real guardians and do not work for the Light, PERIOD! Never accept anyone on the inner planes without thorough vetting.

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    Thorough vetting of your current inner team

    All the beings that are assigned have been thoroughly vetted with my crew of Guardians, The Golden One’s. They have all been probated. My inner Golden team have asked I do this. They will vet your team if you follow new Spiritual Protection protocol that is now available. Details will be given as the course unfolds.

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    Free Videos of this course for June Workshop Participants

    Videos of this course will be made as we work through it. Thus if you miss anything you will be able to review and ask questions. Videos will be up in July for those who participate in this process. This course is free on top of the Golden Ray or Reiki that are being run in June.

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    Expect the Unexpected

    What is exciting is that these Divine Golden One’s always give more. Which means I expect some interesting gifts and teachings may be birthed through this process.

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    Removal of appropriate hindrances and restrictions

    It is time for those that want to be able to stand clearly in the light, without unseen hindrances that hold you back. This is the purpose of this course. What unseen ropes hold you back is a good question. While Grace (yes, Divine Will) may determine that certain restrictions remain to keep you and others safe – this process will remove the one’s that are no longer appropriate. The best way to remove any hindrance, and the purpose of this website, is to do this consciously. Blanket statements of “I relinquish all negative stuff (insert emotion or behaviour etc)” is of minimal use. Lets make it 100% definable and measurable to prove its true. Thus if a blanket “I relinquish all negative stuff” worked then you would ascend in 3 seconds and be able to walk on water – that is the proof. So, lets be real when we deal with spiritual matters as it actually deepens you faster. Conscious growth is about consciously being defined and in Presence, that is true wisdom. [link to video to be added]

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    Bonus: 1on1 or/and group meditation session(s) outside the Reiki and Golden Ray workshops

    All the group sessions and 1on1, group sessions or online sessions, for this will be free. (how much or how often is yet to be determined by the Golden One’s gifts of Grace and your own desire to do this (yes Laws of Grace apply ie: motivation and application)

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    Your questions & motivation designs this course.

    As you participate your questions will be answered and possibly deepen the depth of the course for all. If your questions are real good it may extend the course as we move into new territory!

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    Watch this space - it is evolving.

    This will evolve on a daily basis, probably right up to the Golden Ray course on Sunday June 4

Interested? Then Sunday 4 June 2017

If you have not seen the information on the next Golden Ray workshop then hit this link – it is on June 4.
There are also Reiki workshops at the end of June.
This is the one off chance, if you live in Victoria or Melbourne to participate in this new ground breaking course.

please call +61435522535 or on the contact form

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