1-on-1, group and corporate mentoring for Inner Peace, Awareness and Presence training.

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Improve your Spiritual Fitness and learn to exercise your spiritual muscle over your mind, emotions.

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1-on-1 healing services to to help you develop your healing skills, fast.

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Golden Ray Awakening School

An Ancient Awakening School to swiftly assist you to Awaken and potentize your healing abilities.

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Awakened Reiki

Reiki levels 1-3, Reiki Master & Reiki Teacher Training are offered.

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Melbourne Workshops

Want to attend a workshop or class to experience first hand what it feels like to experience Awakened Stillness?

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1hr 1-on-1 Session

Any topic you want: Awakening, healing, Inquiry, meditation, Boot Camp. 1hr or 2 x 30 min sessions

Monthly 1hr mentoring subscription

Repeating monthly 1hr (or 2 x 30min) mentoring on any topic in this website, hit link to see more